Lets Chat Bamboo !! Why we Love Bamboo So Much

Bamboo & Organic Baby Clothes

Lets chat bamboo !!!! 

Here at H &H  we love us some delicious bamboo.   When every bamboo piece arrives its hard not to stroke and touch the silky and smooth fabric (ok ok WE DO constantly touch it) .  You really have to feel it to believe it and more often then not we hear “does this come in adult”  ha ha.

In all seriousness our love affair with bamboo clothing and bamboo baby wear began when our tiny little human arrived and we chose bamboo onesies and organic baby clothes for his sensitive skin.  Back then they were so hard to find and expensive we decided to make our own !

We started with bamboo and organic baby onesie and grew our collection to kids clothing and discovered all the wonderful other qualities of this natural fabric.

Bamboo Fabric is not only so deliciously soft its hypoallergenic and doesn’t irritate the skin making bamboo perfect for little babes or sensitive skin !  Its also breathable and thermoregulating meaning its cool in summer and warm in winter. 

If that’s not enough goodness for you its also eco friendly and good to the Earth too.

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