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BIBS Dummies Are Now Available Online In Australia

A baby’s natural sucking behaviour appears to have a soothing effect that helps calm them now. They do so not only when feeding but also when playing, interacting, napping and sleeping. Having a dummy or a pacifier on hand can help calm little bub down quickly without much fuss.

Here at Halo and Horns, we stock the incredible BIBS dummies. Designed and made in Denmark, BIBS pacifiers are a reputable tools used by parents from all over the world. Made of the best materials, they meet the Australia Safety Standard for dummies and can be easily cleaned and sterilised for use over and over again.

Australia has been waiting to buy BIBS pacifiers online

BIBS pacifiers were created in a small town of Esbjerg, Denmark. Today, BIBS dummies are sold around the world and are known to be a reliable product that also looks stylish in any home. Made of natural rubber, the range of BIBS dummies are made from only the best materials so they are not just safe for your bub but also highly durable.

The soft nipple is specially designed to suit your baby’s sucking reflexes and is shaped to resemble that of natural breast. This means that BIBS dummies are more likely to be accepted by your baby than other pacifiers on the market.

Features of BIBS dummies:

  • Free of BPA, PVC and phthalates
  • 100% natural rubber
  • Easy sterilisation by boiling

The BIBS dummy range comes in a range of vintage inspired colours that are pleasing to look at and timeless. The best part? Their colours match with other Halo and Horns products so your bub will always look put together even when having lots of fun.

Which size BIBS dummy should you buy?

Halo & Horns stock all three sizes of BIBs dummies: size 1, 2 and 3. Use the below guideline to assess which size your little bub requires.

  • Size 1: 0-6 months
  • Size 2: 6-18 months
  • Size 3: 18 months and above

Select a BIBS dummy for your baby today

We also carry functional but stylish swaddles and wraps online to make sleep times a breeze for both parents and child. Do you or your little bub enjoy our products? Come say hi via our contact form!