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Introducing the Bunny and Lion lovey blankets: your baby’s new best friends

Every parent knows that a baby’s security blanket is worth its weight in gold, and is close to irreplaceable if lost or misplaced. Also known as a lovey blanket, bunny rug or baby lovey, this piece of fabric will be your baby’s closest companion for years, so choose it wisely.



Browse our collection of baby comforters and you’ll meet Bunny and Lion, our two gentle friends from the forest. With adorable faces and a delightfully soft feel, these two playful characters are a lovely addition to your baby’s collection of prized possessions. As parents ourselves, we know that what’s really important is ensuring the lovely blanket is made from organic materials: after all, it’s going to be slept on, cuddled and the knotted arms and legs munched on regularly. We’ve made it our business to ensure each bunny security blanket is free from choking hazards too.

What should I look for in a security blanket?

The concept of a baby lovey is the most adorable thing. Though it’s just a piece of cloth, it’s something they’ll form an attachment to early on. It promotes a sense of comfort and safety, feels soft and cuddly, and most importantly, reminds baby of you when you’re not there.

Our range of security blankets is cloud-soft and incredibly sweet, resembling small characters that will quickly become a part of the family. The curated collection has been whipped up from deliciously soft bamboo with a silky feel and thermo-regulating properties so they can still be comfortably cuddled up to on warm summer nights. We also have organic terry cotton options that will intrigue little fingers with its towel-soft feel. Always ensure your baby’s lovey is made from a fabric you’re comfortable with them having close to their face and in their mouth, and one that aligns with your values.

While your baby is likely to be inseparable from their bunny security blanket, it’s a good idea to keep one available for the moments when it goes missing. They come in a lovely range of soothing earthy tones and patterns:

❖ Mulberry Meadow

❖ Secret Garden

❖ Ginger Boho

❖ Honey Stripe

❖ Clay Leopard.

Premium organic fabrics aren’t reserved exclusively for your baby’s security blanket. We’ve spun fitted and flat sheets from the same materials. And let’s be honest: a good night’s sleep for baby equals a well-rested mum. Browse our range of linens to discover crease-resistant sheets for baby beds.

Free shipping on orders over $60

Shipping fees aren’t anyone’s cup of tea, and that’s why we do our best to keep delivery costs to an absolute minimum. While international orders, and those coming in at under $60 will attract flat fees, we’ve waive the cost on orders over $60 being delivered to Australian addresses.

If you’re re-ordering a security blanket for your baby because the OG has been lost or misplaced, we know that this needs to be dispatched from our HQ pronto. We’ll have the order out the door within 24 hours, and the rest is up to our pals at Australia Post.