If saying "I Love You" is on autopilot .....

There is no greater joy then hearing "I love you " from your little loves and saying "I love you " is also just as rewarding, but here are 20 unique and heart felt phrases and words we can say to our little ones that can convey both joy and so much more to our children.

Heres 20 Phrases you can try instead.

  •  I'm On Your Team
  •  You Can Talk to Me About Anything
  •  Hows your heart today ?
  •  You are a Joy
  •  I am listening
  •  I am so lucky to be your Mum/Dad
  •  If you need me I am here
  •  Do you want to play a game or read a book ?
  •  Your Smile is beautiful and lights up my life
  •  I believe in you 
  •  There is no-one else like you
  •  I forgive you
  •  I saw this today and thought of you
  •  I'm sorry
  •  I am putting down my phone now
  •  You can have mine 
  •  You are a good person
  •  You make me proud
  •  This artwork is going on the fridge
  •  I've got your back

See there little faces light up this Valentines Day when you try these love phrases.  We've also created a downloadable Print for you to pop on your notices board or on the fridge for easy reminders.