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The Cuddliest Baby Security Blankets in Australia

Hop into our cosy bunny burrow where you’ll find a darling selection of lovey blankets that will fast become baby’s best friend. With knotted arms and legs, they’re easy for little hands to grip onto, and are easily packed into a changing bag, backpack or handbag when not in use.

The selection of baby loveys here at Halo & Horns have been carefully crafted in an extensive range of patterns and colours. There are dreamy options such as Mulberry Meadow and Daisy Emerald, as well as soothing earthy tones that will help settle bubs before sleep.

Our Bunny Burrow is also home to Lion: bunny’s best friend. Lion comes in shades including candy, electric blue and honey, and is detailed with a patterned frill that little fingers will enjoy exploring. All our blankets are easy to take care of and can be put through a cold machine wash.

Why We’ve Chosen Bamboo for Our Baby Security Blankets

Every mama wants the best for their little bundle of joy, and that means using the finest fabrics available. When we chose bamboo for our baby security blankets in Australia, we were thinking about the immediate comfort of our bubs, and also of their future: bamboo is one of the most eco-friendly fabrics we can source.

Your bub and their baby security blanket are likely going to be inseparable. This means it’ll need to be washed frequently as it’ll be taken on car trips, outdoor adventures and everywhere in between. We want to make sure it’s made from material that’s easily washed and dried, so it can be back with its bestie ASAP.

Our Bunny Burrow is packed to the rafters with baby comforters that have been lovingly crafted from bamboo fabric. We chose bamboo for its many fantastic qualities, including:

  • Soft against sensitive skin
  • Thermo-regulating properties
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Silky-soft feel
  • Eco-friendly

Introducing Bunny Lovey Blankets: Your Baby’s New Best Friends

Every parent knows that a baby’s security blanket or swaddle is worth its weight in gold, and is close to irreplaceable if lost or misplaced. Also known as a lovey blanket, bunny rug or baby lovey, this piece of fabric will be your baby’s closest companion for years. They come in a lovely range of soothing earthy tones and patterns:

  • Mulberry Meadow
  • Secret Garden
  • Ginger Boho
  • Honey Stripe
  • Clay Leopard

Take a look through our collection of baby comforters and you’ll meet Bunny and Lion, our two gentle friends from the forest. With adorable faces and a delightfully soft feel, these two playful characters are a lovely addition to your baby’s collection of prized possessions. You might also like to check out our gorgeous range of onesies.

A Beautiful Night’s Sleep

As parents ourselves, we know that what’s really important is ensuring the lovely blanket is made from organic materials: after all, it’s going to be slept on, cuddled and the knotted arms and legs munched on regularly. Premium organic fabrics aren’t reserved exclusively for your baby’s security blanket. We’ve spun fitted and flat sheets from the same materials. And let’s be honest: a good night’s sleep for baby equals a well-rested mum. Browse our range of linens to discover crease-resistant cot sheets.

With free shipping on orders over $60, it’s never been easier to stock up on beautiful, eco-friendly clothing for bubs. Need help or further info? Contact us online today.

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