Azul Winter 2023

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Introducing "Azul" by Halo and Horns Company, a captivating collection of baby and kids organic knits inspired by the serene beauty of the color blue. Azul, meaning blue in Spanish, embodies the essence of softness, timelessness, and effortless care for your little ones, complemented by the beautiful pink daisy pattern that adds a touch of charm and whimsy.

Crafted with utmost care and attention to detail, the Azul collection showcases a delightful pink daisy pattern that blooms across select pieces. The combination of the delicate daisies with the soothing blue hues creates a visually enchanting and gender-neutral aesthetic, perfect for both boys and girls.

Every garment in the Azul collection is made from premium organic fabrics, ensuring the gentlest touch against delicate skin. Our commitment to using organic materials means that each piece is free from harmful chemicals and provides a hypoallergenic and eco-friendly choice for your little one's wardrobe.

Incorporating a palette inspired by the vastness of the sky and the tranquility of the ocean, Azul offers a range of soothing blue hues, beautifully complemented by the whimsical pink daisy pattern. The timeless designs ensure that these pieces will never go out of style, allowing you to cherish and pass them down through generations.

With busy parents in mind, we have carefully crafted the Azul collection to be incredibly easy to care for. Our knits are thoughtfully made to retain their shape and softness wash after wash, while the daisy pattern remains vibrant and delightful. This effortless care allows you to spend more quality time with your little ones and less time worrying about laundry.

Whether you're seeking a cozy blanket for snuggling, a charming sweater for family gatherings, or a versatile outfit for everyday play, Azul by Halo and Horns Company offers an array of timeless and irresistibly soft organic knits. The combination of the serene blue hues and the playful pink daisy pattern adds an extra touch of joy and beauty to every piece. Experience the serenity, comfort, and charm of Azul, and let your little one's wardrobe be filled with the magic of the color blue and the enchantment of daisies.